Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the sweetest things ...

are some that you least expect.
i am in the middle of creating a pregnancy blog, so forgive my baby updates here. i hope to move back to photography fully after i finish preparing that one!

at week 13, i have had no weight gain. my dr says this is okay since i have been able to keep foods down. im glad to have only had one round of throwing up. i cant imagine getting sick like that every single day, or multiple times a day! i dont really have any aversions to food (although i wont touch ramen). i cant go into the fridge without gagging - i blame it on the cold air that shoots out at me. luckily, DH is understanding about this. i am almost 15 weeks (14w3d right now as i write).
i LOVE sour patch kids. love love love. they were very helpful when i was experiencing all day nausea. lucky for me, that i believe, has passed. but i still love them now.
the little nuggets heartbeat was 155 on 10/11 and very strong! we go back november 1 for a 16 week checkup and to hear the heartbeat again. and just a few short weeks after that - we will find out if our little nugget is a girl or boy! i do not care either way, as long as the nugget is healthy. 
i went shopping with my mom last saturday and bought my first pair of maternity jeans and a few maternity tops. i am showing already - its crazy but fun! my DH is convinced that i am carrying twins. i think he is silly.
i think brigsby has figured out baby. he snuggles a lot more and loves laying his head on my stomach. something he has not done before. its cute.

i leave you with my 14 week belly photo! i told you i am showing!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

B is for...

... and his new sweater ...

my little guy and i had a quick photoshoot. he is still recovering from his surgery yesterday (he finally had the snipity-snip).
he will be sporting this sweater saturday during our family photos! 
(i still need to grab a navy blue collar for him so it doesnt stick out as much!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

our big news!

so i have been MIA for FAR too long! we have had a lot going on in our household. and add with that work and my grandma became very ill 2 weeks ago - however she is doing fantastic now so we are thankful and very blessed.
the big news in my home? we are expecting our first child! i am due april 16!! i wish i could say i have felt great the entire time so far - but i would be lying! mainly my issue is nausea. all. day. long. i have only physically gotten sick 2 times thank goodness - i hate that!! i was ill and in the hospital 2 weeks ago myself from a bad virus that was going around. my dr wanted to watch me so i spent a few hours one night in the ER loading up on fluids and other fun stuff!
but needless to say again - we are so very blessed and excited for this new journey. as is brigsby for that matter:

so i hope now to be updating like i used to vs the past few weeks - life has certainly settled a bit more for us now!!
here are a few photos from when we told our parents:
ryan's side:
his dad was very proud and his sister ... well she may have freaked a little bit - she has been wanting us to have kids for a year now!

 my family: my mom did not believe us at first...and then the shock came over my dad! my brother well - not much emotion :D but they are all very excited!
(can you tell DH was using my camera for my family :) bless him!)

if you are still out there, again thanks for hanging in!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

little creeper

i am making a comeback here soon. lots of personal/family stuff going on so its been hard to have time to blog. but i will share very soon!


Friday, September 3, 2010

one more

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

fire department auto extrication

for the fire department we did an auto extrication for practice. i took the opportunity to grab some photos while others were doing some work i was not involved in!
first photo of the night. i love our engine:
the team after taking out the back window:

my husband:

details on the truck:
i love the deck gun.

thanks for hanging around and i hope you enjoyed these! 


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

how lame am i!

everything is okay :) just a LOT of stuff going on. i feel like im neglecting my camera and the blog.
but i will be back and posting more frequently.
right now i am finishing up a study class for my exam that is in october and i am going through fire fighter one classes which are 2-3 days a week plus homework.
i also started work the beginning of august and it has been SO much fun.
so life is good - i promise i will be posting more photos as the days come up!!