about me

what can i say? i am a twenty-six (twenty-seven later this year, and its my golden birthday!) year old who tries to stay busy but loves to have nothing to do. i married my best friend and my high school sweetheart July 11, 2009. he makes me a better person every single day and i could not begin to explain how lucky i feel to have him in my life. 
we purchased our first home in November of 2009. we started looking right after our wedding and after numerous showings, we found 'the one' and began pursuing it. no one told me my patience would run thin and it would take from August until November to make it ours! (and it almost wasn't, luckily the bank put their head back on straight and fixed the roof as we asked demanded. i think it was pretty obvious after that, that they did not want to have to keep the house on the market any longer. after all, time is money!)
i am a volunteer firefighter (as is my husband). i have a masters degree and am pursuing licensure in my given degree (the need for some confidentiality keeps me from posting what it is in, hope you understand!).
we adopted a pug/shih tzu mix april of 2010, who we (re)named Brigsby Gizmoe. i love him to pieces! he can be a little trouble maker but his face makes me instantly forgive and forget any wrong-doings. it really is a win-win situation for him.
 i love photography. i am not claiming to be good, or professional (i probably never will claim that infact) but i love it. it is relaxing to be behind the lens and to sit down and look through the moments i have managed to capture. 
this blog is a mix of family, friends, Brigsby (a lot of Brigsby in fact), being on the fire department and photography.