Wednesday, October 14, 2009

long time no blog

well only about 2 weeks. what can i say - i am feeling a touch lazy.
i seemed to have caught whatever is going around my work. i am not happy about that. i do not get the luxury of taking a day off, or calling in, or not showing up - any of those as others at work seem to get. so i was at work all morning miserable - however, i am alive. that is a bonus.
stuff is moving forward. i am getting excited. not *too* excited yet.
we are going out of town this weekend for my cousins wedding. i am pretty excited about going, and being there, but not about the drive. anything over 2 hours is too much - and this trip is just under 6!
but. i love weddings. and i love family.
here is to a long weekend of no work, time with family and hopefully getting over this cold!

with love.