Sunday, November 22, 2009


this week got sort of hectic - therefore almost a week without blogging. shame on me, haha.

anyways. it has been a week of updates to say the least. we are getting ready to be living in our house (most likely still taking things out of boxes though) by next sunday. amazing.

that striped bathroom - here is an update:

i purchased silver outlet and lightswitch plates to coordinate with the light fixture - i love that room. i believe it will only get better once we are able to tile the floor. ideally, id love to get a new vanity top however the one in there is brand new and i want to put available funds to other things right now. at least it isnt pink!

here is a peek at our master bedroom without any tape:

i also painted the front entryway. i love the color and it really flows with everything other color in the main floor:

(you can see the color difference there. the tan will be carried up the stairs in the hallway)

i am in the midst today of painting closets so i can start putting our clothing in there and storing things. our garage is a mess and full of stuff - honestly i think we will have no problem filling this house with only an apartments worth of stuff!

more to come!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! That bathroom is looking lovely!