Monday, January 18, 2010


we have been looking at tile for our fireplace surround for, oh i dont know, a few weeks? i thought this would be easy, but between finding tile that added enough interest, without being too specific to color/taste - we finally have some. that is with having purchased a bunch of 12x12 tiles that were on clearance at lowes, that i decided i didnt like for the fireplace once we got home. however, we have a place for those already - our small bathroom on the first floor! so they wont have to go back or be wasted! ($20 for the entire bathroom floor is awesome i think!)
anyways, here is our pile of tile (ha ha) for the fireplace. once those go up (tomorrow) we will have our friend come in and measure for the mantle!
it is really pretty, lots of variation in the colors which sadly you cant see from this photo. but i am excited to see how it comes together!



Ryan said...

You are amazing with what you put up with your husband. You must love him a lot. I bet he does too.