Tuesday, March 9, 2010

craigslist take two

craigslist could become a huge problem for me. 
yesterday. if you remember. i purchased the nightstand.
here is the "nightstand"/side table in what will be its home for now:
here is the buffet we bought and are picking up tomorrow:
and here is the wall it will go up against:
i am thinking i will paint both the side table and the buffet black.
eventually i would like two chairs (perhaps armless - target has some cute ones) to go across from the couch. that way the windows wont be blocked off, and we can really use it as a seating area for more than just 2 people!



Brianna said...

craigslist is dangerous!!! I'm trolling mine too looking for dealz

kristen said...

it certainly is! i found some chairs - well two chairs as a set and then a single one - that i wanted but i figured not to push my luck too much!
normally there is just junk on there!