Saturday, July 10, 2010

Canvas on Demand Order Review

these are, to me, great quality! I ordered July 2, and with the holiday they arrived today. with what turned out to be from my understanding an error in discount codes, they shipped for $16.95 each. my only regret: i didnt place one more order before they figured out the code was out there! but - i am very happy with these two and would use canvas on demand again for future orders (of course with SOME sort of code - i try to never pay full price for things!)
anyways - the photos are untouched editing-wise (aside from opening the raw and saving to jpeg - but i did not sharpen or do anything to them!)

 (thank you to Jessica of JM Photography for the gorgeous photos from our wedding!)

again, no editing. the last two seem a touch dark - i stood in front of the window (oops) but as you can see the details are clear! i love!!
(both are a 16X24)

feel free to comment with any questions and i will try to comment or update this post with answers!