Friday, July 30, 2010

for two lovelies

one lovely is my wedding photographer's daughter who was recently diagnosed with turners syndrome. i did not know what it is, do you? if not, it is worth your time to take a few minutes to read about it. 
today, i wore lilac in support of turners syndrome, and in honor of little K:

the next lovely Ava, is a called superprincess by her mother Sheye. 
Sheye is an amazing photographer and from the first time i was linked to Sheye's work, i was hooked. i love the feeling she captures in her photos - especially of her beautiful children. from her blog is where i learned of her Ava.
Sheye's superprincess lives in Heaven. her birthday is August 22, but i could not wait until then to celebrate her life. i love birthdays but i love living for the moment as well.
please read ava's story here:
and visit Sheye Rosemeyer's blog:

so here is to you, superprincess:



Ashley Sisk said...

Kristen, these are really special. Lovely photos - such a celebration of life.