Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy One Year Anniversary!

i can not believe it has already been one year! looking back - a lot has happened and it went by SO fast!
so looking back (this is going to get long!):
one year ago i woke up in an awesome hotel in downtown, and got ready for the wedding with my bridesmaids, flower girl and my mom:
then i walked from the hotel, through the city center and outside to meet my (soon to be at that time!) husband:
(i had custom cufflinks made with a symbol from his favorite childhood cartoon)

and we headed for some photos:
our wedding party joined us:

and then it was time to get married:
now this sequence makes me giggle still. we were reciting our vows to each other, and after ryan had been given sort of a longer section of it, he started to stumble. that was his, oh crap i forgot face, and mine - 'ryan!' face:
our pastor had made a joke about it and the congregation laughed with us.
then the question was, can i get through mine without stumbling on anything:
the answer:
yes i could, and i was going to give you my smirk face too!
then we lit the unity candle:
or tried to. darn thing wouldnt light. so it came to me doing this:
which again. resulted in laughter and applause from our guests!!
then, we were married:

we were watching the video our videographer put together from a session we did a few weeks before the wedding:
and during speeches:
and we danced:
and yes, we did break it down mid-dance:
and we ended our evening with some photos on the golf course during sunset:
i had found the golf ball cleaner to be exceptionally entertaining at that moment:

and we finished our night dancing with each other, family and friends.
(photography: JM Photography)

now, i know that was long - but it was only a sampling of our day. we were surrounded by the most important people in our lives and we are so blessed that they were all able to, and wanted to be there to share one the day with us!

what is love? 
according to calvin and hobbes:

Calvin: What’s it like to fall in love?
Hobbes: Well…Say the object of your affection walks by…
 Calvin: Yeah?
Hobbes: First, your heart falls into your stomach and splashes your innards. All the moisture makes you sweat profusely. This condensation shorts the circuits to your brain and you get all woozy. When your brain burns out altogether your mouth disengages and you babble like a cretin until she leaves.
Calvin: THAT’S love???
Hobbes: Medically speaking.
Calvin: Heck that happened to me once, but I figured it was cooties! 

that was one of our readings - my brother read Calvin, and my cousin read Hobbes. 
our ceremony (and day) represented who we are as a couple: love, laughter, having a great time - all while being surrounded by family and friends.

and before i wrap up this potentially never ending post:
to my husband: i love you so much. i look forward to every day and every new experience that we will share. you have made me the happiest person alive. you believe in me like no one else could - and you let me be who i am. happy anniversary - i cant wait to see what the future is going to bring us!


sarah said...

I loved this! The pictures are beautiful!!

Amy F.W. said...

Happy anniversary! What a beautiful post.

Desert Flower said...

Kristen, you were such a beautiful bride. Thanks for sharing these again!!

pam said...

Happy Anniversary! That was a great post. Thank you for sharing you day with all of us.

Ashley Sisk said...

Happy Anniversary - I love all of your photos. Our 1st anniversary is coming up in October. Oh, and of course I don't mind you referencing me.

ilovemy2bichons said...

Happy anniversary! Your pictures are beautiful!