Sunday, October 3, 2010

our big news!

so i have been MIA for FAR too long! we have had a lot going on in our household. and add with that work and my grandma became very ill 2 weeks ago - however she is doing fantastic now so we are thankful and very blessed.
the big news in my home? we are expecting our first child! i am due april 16!! i wish i could say i have felt great the entire time so far - but i would be lying! mainly my issue is nausea. all. day. long. i have only physically gotten sick 2 times thank goodness - i hate that!! i was ill and in the hospital 2 weeks ago myself from a bad virus that was going around. my dr wanted to watch me so i spent a few hours one night in the ER loading up on fluids and other fun stuff!
but needless to say again - we are so very blessed and excited for this new journey. as is brigsby for that matter:

so i hope now to be updating like i used to vs the past few weeks - life has certainly settled a bit more for us now!!
here are a few photos from when we told our parents:
ryan's side:
his dad was very proud and his sister ... well she may have freaked a little bit - she has been wanting us to have kids for a year now!

 my family: my mom did not believe us at first...and then the shock came over my dad! my brother well - not much emotion :D but they are all very excited!
(can you tell DH was using my camera for my family :) bless him!)

if you are still out there, again thanks for hanging in!



Ashley Sisk said...

OMG Kristen! First off, I haven't seen you in like forever and now you're pregnant?! I couldn't be more excited for you. I thought I was pregnant last month, but no go. I am just thrilled for you. Congratulations.

Nat said...

what great news! Congratulations. Love the doggy shirt. Too cute! Hopefully your nausea will be gone soon.

ilovemy2bichons said...

Congrats! Hopefully the sickness subsides soon. In April, it will be all worth it!

Desert Flower said...

I am so happy for you! Congratulations! To you and DH, and to soon-to-be big brother Brigsby.


Amy F.W. said...

YAY!!! Congratulations!! What great memories those photos will be.