Saturday, November 14, 2009

one down

one coat to go - we hope! the living room now has a nice coat of the brown that i loved and my husband was not sure of. i know he will grow to love it if he does not already!

the laundry room is almost done - it just needs a few touch ups and the back wall to be fixed. i love the grey and blue together

the kitchen is done besides some minor touch ups. i hope this week to rock out the formal dining room and hopefully tomorrow we can get a start on our master bedroom. i am very interested and a touch nervous to see how the color looks in there!

this morning marked my last shift at my current job and my last shift opening the store. exciting but a touch sad - i really like my coworkers and we do have a lot of fun at work. but i am very excited to be starting a new line of work and what it will bring!

i am exhausted - off for some MUCH needed sleep!



Brianna said...

love both colors! we went with a lighter brown than yours in our main living area, kinda wish we had gone a little darker like you did, such a lovely brown

kristen said...

thanks! my DH wanted to go lighter - somehow i convinced him that darker would work and thankfully he likes it now!