Friday, November 13, 2009

friday the 13th

normally this day is considered back luck. however, today has been a great day.
i was offered the job that i interviewed for on monday. (and i accepted - duh). i will be doing inhome work with children with autism. i am SO very excited for this experience and the next step in my life. i have always wanted to work with kids so this will be perfect. i also will be working around where our house is - which is another huge plus!

this weekend will be huge for our house. my dad and father in law are coming out to help us paint. hopefully we get our bedroom, living room and laundry room painted. my dad is going to fix the hole in the wall in the laundry room, along with repairing around our fireplace. very cool.

we still need to figure out colors for our master bathroom and the front entryway. maybe i will grab a swatch of the shade lighter than the living room and see how that goes!

look for updates tomorrow or sunday!



Brianna said...

just found your blog, congrats on the new job!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How awesome!