Sunday, November 8, 2009

where did the weekend go

i thought i would post last night. turns out, after getting to the house just after 9 and not getting home until almost 10pm - i was exhausted. so here it goes.
ceilings are almost done as of today - we just need to do the master bed and bath. i never want to do ceilings again but sadly, we have upstairs rooms to do still! my little cousin even got in on painting the ceilings in the laundry room - she was great and did not miss a spot!

today we also, well when i say we, i mean my dad, got rid of the tiles around the fireplace. thank goodness because i did not care for them at all!

i also was able to paint the kitchen. i loved the green we found yesterday and went for it. all it needs are some touch ups and i will finish the attached dining room some day this week:

i think that is enough photos for today - but i can not wait to keep updating as we finish each room!