Wednesday, November 11, 2009


went back out to the house today. i was able to finish painting the dining room and kitchen. just need to do a few touch ups since i was able to see a few areas when it dried that i did not cover well enough:

ryan joined me around 5 and we ordered a pizza and painted the accent wall in the laundry room. it is still wet in the photo so it looks off, and the color isnt represented well here. one more coat tomorrow when i go back:

i also was able to get one coat on the main floor bathroom. ryan took down the light fixture so i can paint what i was not able to reach when i go back to do my second coat tomorrow. then my dad will measure for the stripes this weekend when he comes out!:

on one last note, there is a good chance i did not remember that the dryer was hooked up and i may have caused what is pictured below: