Sunday, December 27, 2009

holy Christmas batman

the holidays went by so fast this year! although they always seem to! we are very blessed to be surrounded by our always amazing family and our friends - i dont know what we would do without them! we were very spoiled this holiday season by everyone and we are so grateful.
did i mention that today, of all days, is my birthday! i love birthdays - mine or others. i dont know what it is about them. i mean, you share it with lots of someones that you dont know - but it is always going to be YOUR day. its weird. anyways :)

a few pictures since i have been MIA. my husband and FIL installed a water softener day after christmas. hopefully we stop feeling so dry in a few days - its been a little rough! (its actually installed, i will follow up with those later!)

and the snow! it didnt feel like it was ever going to stop! but so beautiful - what would make it even better is owning a snow blower! (pretty though isnt it?)

im off to get ready for my birthday dinner!