Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year

it is amazing the changes that happened in my life in 2009. i got married. graduated with my masters degree. bought a house - and moved into that house of course. i started a new job but left a job where i really loved everyone that i worked with over the last two years.

im betting 2010 will be just as amazing.

a few changes! we are finally starting to clean up the last few things that are left "here and there" around the house. our laundry room is cleaned up and organized. we want to buy a few coat hooks so we can leave the coat that we wear every day in there and off the couch in the living room. my husband cut some carpet that was given to us to put down so we have something to step on when we walk in the door with wet shoes. all of our paint stuff is FINALLY cleaned up!

i painted our upstairs bathroom. i love the new color and the overall feel of it. it was a light blue prior which, in itself was not bad. however the walls were dirty and had holes everywhere. i wish i had a photo of before.
here is the best i have of before (the grey you see around the surround is the new color. oh and that nasty shower head got a good cleaning - it sparkles again thank goodness!)

here is after:

and a full shot (my husband pulled the curtain rod higher - it will be sitting lower so the fabric curtain touches the ground):

i want to grab new rugs for the floor, maybe a tan or brown and add a picture of some sort over the toilet and the room should be complete! it feels really good to have another room in this house done!

we also finally got some curtains hung up in our bedroom and living room. i was not sure of the living room curtains at first, but i do love them now and i think that once we get the fireplace completed they will look even better (sorry for the random clutter!):

and the corner windows in our bedroom, again, sorry for the mess! i got that cleaned up and didnt bother to take another photo:

we have one other window that is on the same wall as the nightstand, that is on the other side of the bed that has the same curtain obviously. i love it. we want to replace our furniture and upgrade to a king size bed during this year so i am excited for some dark furniture going into our room!