Sunday, December 6, 2009

updates FINALLY

it has been forever since i have any had new or major updates. at least it seems.
yesterday my mom came out and helped me paint the walls going up the stairs, which is the same as the entry way color since they are connected/flowing walls. i love it. it warms up the area and really makes it feel finished. my dad came over today and helped to do major touch ups, along with putting together my old day bed that was at my grandmas, and getting some other random stuff done. dare i say, all rooms and walls are painted on our main floor? (with the exception of our master bathroom because we are going to be renovating the shower and tiling the floor!)

here is some of our work today:
decal up in laundry room

the stairs:

and finally we repainted the wall with our fireplace, and it is ready for new tiles:

if i have not already introduced her, this is bellah:

more details in the next few days!


Becca said...

Love the decal and your piggie :)

Anonymous said...

HOLY CUTE DECAL! I think I might love your laundry room. And that kind of love I typically reserve for things like Fun Dip or pedicures. So feel special.

kristen said...

thanks ladies :D
i want to order one more but need to wait until after the holidays now!