Wednesday, December 2, 2009


holy smokes its been a long week! i started my new job (which i am really loving!) and am still unpacking. i think i might be doing that for the rest of my life!! i promise to get some photos soon - i just dont want to scare anyone with our mess!

can we believe its december? at least here, we have NO snow on the ground so its even more unbelievable. i think i might have to start cranking the christmas music to get myself into the season since obviously i dont have snow to do that. although, anytime i forget i could just look out our front window - my neighbors across the road seem to be the landing place for the christmas decoration rejects! good for them for getting excited - but it seems as though christmas threw up in their front yard! (i will try to get a photo so you all can see - it will make you laugh if you dont start seizuring like i have been!)

with love