Sunday, February 7, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall

 or should we do some art afterall?
i loved the idea of a mirror over our fireplace. and looking at photos of it resting and hung, i prefer for our space, it to be hung. 
just not sure on color.
we found this mirror and thought it would be nice since its a dark wood - almost black with gold flecks in it. our curtains if you remember are gold and the walls give off a gold tone in certain lighting.
not the best lighting sadly - had the curtains closed for the 2nd photo. but you can sort of make out the darkness of the wood and the gold tone to it.
i also want to get a photo wall or some floating shelves in the same room - perhaps in the same dark wood to tie things together.
thoughts? ideas? suggestions?

(but please no suggestions of painting stuff white - i love white in other homes, but our mantle is gorgeous and i do love the wood, even if its a bit harder to decorate with at the moment!)