Wednesday, February 3, 2010

bathroom shelves

they are finally up! 2 days short of one week after fedex delivered them!
i do love them. my husband and i had a minor disagreement on where we should place them, but i quite like where they ended up.
now, what to decorate with?! i think a pillar candle on top. i found some great candle plates at bed bath and beyond that i want to purchase. thinking too of grabbing some jars and putting cotton balls and q-tips in them on the lower shelf as well.
anyways here we go:
they are the umbra acrylic shelves from the container store (18")

open to any ideas for decor!



Ryan said...

are you disappointed it took a week to get them up?

kristen said...

nah. you did an awesome job :) plus nothing to put on them anyways!