Thursday, March 11, 2010

newest craigslist purchase

i must admit, im addicted. my husband however is ready to disconnect every means i have to the internet if i keep wanting to buy stuff.

i plan for these, either to sand and restain them a dark espresso, or paint them. 
anyone have any thoughts?

they are heavy pieces. but big. which is nice since we have gone without since november when we moved in! 
 (i had to close crop the second photo since we have laundry and well you can see the paper towel roll back there!)



Anonymous said...

I love them.I think I need to start looking on CL for the furniture pieces that I want. Thanks for inspiring me :) I will consider myself warned could be addicting!

kristen said...

there are some great finds! some overpriced even though they are nice. some overpriced and they are junk! but its fun.
until you want something every day or, well, a few things a day!