Saturday, March 13, 2010

hoping not to screw this up

this is the first time i will be refinishing something. as of late, ive become obsessed with craigslist. lots of cool stuff. cool stuff that takes up time to make useable in our home however. 
my first project has officially started. 
and of course, its the bigger project of the two. 

before sanding. after taking the drawers out.

the drawers.

repairing/gluing a corner.

after sanding. doors are off.

things i have learned so far:
1. there is this bag you should put on the back of the sander. for my next project i will remember that. lots of dust went everywhere. at least my husband's car is next to the third stall where i am working.
2. i need more clamps.
3. im pretty excited about this.

i am hoping to be able to start priming tomorrow. the pieces need to be wiped down well to remove any dust left over. i might also sand the small table so that is ready to go - might as well get them both done while i have everything out!