Monday, March 15, 2010


i purchased the remainder of my supplies for painting.
black paint. in just the right shade mind you - there is more than just one!
good brushes
small trays to minimize waste of paint and wax
a sanding block in just the right grit
and candy. because im a candy junkie lately. mostly hard candies though. like jolly ranchers. those came from target though - now lowes.
i also still need to purchase matching hardware for the end table. i think menards has them. im waiting on a few rebates so i can use those up on that! gotta love rebates.
anyways. :)
im bummed i probably wont be able to do any painting until sunday again. lame. but i want to do this right the first time. so no need to rush anything!



Brianna said...

good luck! I've learned the hard way not to take shortcuts =/