Sunday, March 14, 2010

day 2

yesterday i was able to sand everything down. today i wiped everything down with a damp rag and used a cheese cloth to get anything else up that might have been left behind.
and then. i started priming. 



things i have learned:
1. have the primer shaken at the store where you buy it. i forgot. and i spent awhile mixing it with a stir stick.
2. remember to wipe the insides of the pieces down as well. i am waiting for my primer to dry. so i can go back and clean out/wipe out the insides so i can prime that as well, without getting dust and dirt on the wet primer that is already done. not a huge deal, just extra time.
3. cheese cloth is really sticky and it is hard to get the stickiness off your hands.
4. oil based primer is also hard to get off. next time i would probably use gloves.



mamma2mybabies said...

Wow, you are a wonder woman. I would love to refinish a few pieces of furniture but I never have the time. I also love that you like cragslist. I am addicted to it : )