Sunday, April 25, 2010

introducing Brigsby Gizmoe

ryan and i decided to adopt a puppy. careful thought went into this as we wanted to make sure we had the time for one. with my new job - we had plenty! 
his given name was gizmoe. being i already had a dog named gizmoe we decided to give him another first name, while keeping gizmoe as his middle. brigsby it was!
he was born 12.21.09 and was adopted into our family 04.23.10! he is 4 months old and the sweetest guy i have seen! brigsby is a pug shih tzu cross. he loves cuddling and sitting on my lap when im on the computer, or watching tv. he is quickly getting used to his crate and loves chewing on his stuffed animals. brigsby barely barks and loves being carried up right so he can see what is going on! (as i am typing he is on my lap with his head rested on one of my arms!)
i am so happy we decided to go ahead and adopt and bring this little guy into our home. he makes us so happy and we love him like we have known him forever!

xoxo from me and brigsby!


Ryan said...

would someone tell that dog to tuck his ear down!