Monday, April 19, 2010


 we are into spring and landscaping has officially begun. our yard was/is a nightmare for us as first time homebuyers but it wasnt so much that it scared us off.
we had people over this morning to lay black dirt and level out areas in our backyard where we will be finishing off a wall. i hope it goes smoothly as we do finish it. 

here are a few befores:

and right now:
this is about the angle/area of the last photo of the before, with the guys standing in the photo:
the middle photo is taken from the other side of the yard from the rest of the photos. 
and the last photo shows the dirt hill where the wall will continue. we are going to finish it until until the light dirt hill ends - and that back area is leveled out currently. 
we will also be putting in a fire pit as well - yay :) 
that whole back corner was a pain to clean out, but my husband, father in law and a great friend did a fantastic job doing it!

more updates as we progress!



Brianna said...

it's going to look great!!! we are trying to get rid of our weeds and get some grass going, so far it's a battle we are losing =(

kristen said...

im not sure how much we will win.
i told ryan we should get a goat so we could get those sticker weeds out of the back - they were terrible! hopefully this helps take care of it a little - although im not counting on it to just because!

kristen said...

and thanks :D