Monday, April 12, 2010

so i really fail at updating

and my husband says i should blog something.
well here it goes:
from june 15-24 i will be in sunny cancun at the Sun Place Resort all-inclusive (that is adults/couples only!) with my awesome husband. we can not wait.
to prep. i started WW again. i found this amazing blog to get some great recipes from. and i want to cook everything i see - check her out:
i bet you love it too :D

i also started a new job. i now work in a school with a kiddo with  muscular dystrophy. it breaks my heart to meet anyone who is going through something we have yet to find a cure for - but it also helps me to realize that when im having a bad day - that most of the time. its over something so trivial that it isnt worth being upset about. and that isnt to minimize a bad day - but most times, it will get better.

thats all for now. im sure ill be a freak closer to vacation throwing it out there how extremely excited i am - 64 days!