Monday, May 17, 2010

ER visit

this weekend did not end exactly how it should. 
i went to our softball games and was having an awesome game being it was the first time i swung a bat in almost 7 years!
3 at bats - 3 hits (two doubles, one single).
my last time up was one of my doubles. when the next guy was up, he hit directly to third (i did not have to go as no one was on first) so i waited for the ball to be thrown to first before i ran to advance. i knew there would be a play, but i also know that im pretty quick on my feet and i slide well.
well. i do slide well. but the person who threw from first, did not throw well. 
i ended up taking the ball to the back of my head - behind my ear at the base of my head. 
yeah, i was down and not getting up.
we went into the ER since i was pretty nauseated. spent a few hours in there.
nothing too serious. major amounts of swelling and pain. so i was sent home with valium and vicodin and a note to not work today. 

ending on cuteness, here is my tiny monster: