Thursday, June 3, 2010

gold digger

I took my monster back outside for one last run with practicing really focusing in proper areas and also with being able to play with raw format photos.
i am, as a favor, shooting my friends wedding tomorrow. i am a touch nervous but very excited for the experience.

here was a photo from tonights adventures out. 
shot in raw and converted to jpeg
messed around with some of the levels. i cant keep track of what. but i ran no actions in the first photo (no actions aside from amp resize and sharpen):
he is hard at times for me to edit. my little guy started out with black fur, and is turning brown. he also has areas of white too mixed into all that! but i hope with more experience and with more practice i can learn to "fix" his photos to best represent how he looks in person!

here is the same photo, taken as above, with the Nelly Nero Gold Flake action. i reduced the opacity of the gold flake layer to 20%. i also ran the amp resize and sharpen action:
it is different! im not sure if i love it, but i do not hate it. 

thoughts? or feedback on the original no action edit?

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