Saturday, June 5, 2010

my good friend's wedding

one of my good friends and former co-workers was married friday evening. she had invited me to her wedding and asked me if i could get some photos for them, as the only other person that would be able to take some would have been her son. i could not tell her no, but warned her i still had so much to learn but i would do my best to capture what i could for her. 

here is what i have so far with "artistic edits". i am giving her a disk of basic edits and one with some artistic, just so they have the option of both. i know most professionals would not do that - but i am not a professional :)
it was a very beautiful day and i was honored to be able to witness their marriage!
this is what my friend woke up to the morning of when she went to brush her teeth! her (then) fiance left those words under her toothbrush!
i have to say, at the discomfort of my friend, it was fun to watch her have her makeup done. she normally does not wear any, and shared (for reasons i wont) that she doesnt like having her eyelids touched. so she was a been squirmish (is that a word?) when her lids were being done!
i will have more to share as i continue editing and going through their day! 
next stop in editing are the events right before the ceremony!

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Brianna said...

beautiful pictures, you have a lot of talent!!!