Saturday, January 30, 2010

all in a days work

 by myself, that is. husband has school this weekend so i took the opportunity to get some stuff done.
i cleaned. toilets. sinks. floors. dishes. clothing (well i put those in the washer/dryer, but i did fold them!). i threw away boxes. i condensed boxes that we have to go through (down to 5! yay!).
and i hung some photos. by myself. well. my dad was on the phone talking me through what i needed and did not need.
here is our main floor bath. the photo is from our wedding day. i thought it fit well.

and for my closet (well *our* closet, however, my husband kindly allowed me to store basically everything that is mine, in it, and he took our second closet-lucky we are to have a walk in and a regular closet in our master room!)
(the closet continues to the photos right. love it)
i get a touch bored picking stuff out, so i figured some art would be a good thing.

tomorrow. we hang the bathroom shelves. 
and to leave you with something i love:

my mom painted them for our wedding for us, for our cake topper. her dress mimicked mine. they were perfect. now they are on our mantle until we get a wall shelf!


Brianna said...

aw, what an adorable wedding topper, I love it!!! and your bathroom is so chic, you did a great job with it. I am getting some good decorating ideas from you =)

kristen said...

awe thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures in your bathroom and in your closet. They're fitting, and original! I would have never thought of that. Very cute!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love love love that you bring photography into the closet - I may have to do that! Nice work!